The Story

NYC Girl falls in love with a farmer...



I’m Laura Madrigano…

Designer, Mom to 2 boys, and the creator of Farm Charm Couture…

New York City Girl falls in love with a farmer….and so the story goes. I spent the first half of my career as rising designer in NYC. I worked at large manufacturing companies and even had my own labels called, Laura Madrigano and the Madri Collection. We sold my suits and dresses all over the world and at the peak our sales were over 14 million dollars per year..

BUT, Designers weren’t always appreciate in the 1990’s and often taken advantage of. I worked endless hours, my boss was verbally abusive and never shared any of the upside with me. I grew exhausted and even developed a health issue called SVT. 


Farm Charm Couture

My love of vintage treasures combined with my passion for one of a kind hand sewing resulted in my new collection called

Farm Charm Couture

(How we met story: insert here….She buys a Christmas Tree, He delivers it, they become friends. They have the same birthday, they fall in love.)


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The Rest is History

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